Insightful self-understanding

I am very grateful to Laura for sharing this wonderful course. Laura is very kind, helpful and generous with her time & capacity to help you understand each aspect of the material. I found what I learned deeply insightful in terms of self-understanding. I am so happy to have done this course & would be very interested to see further course Laura might offer in the future.

Niamh, Athlone, Ireland. 

Image by Ludger Philips;https://ludgerphilips.org/

Image by Ludger Philips;https://ludgerphilips.org/


I loved this course, it is a wonderful tool for self discovery. You can learn how the planets influence your patterns and tendencies in love, money and family. It’s a great way to find out about your purpose and direction in life and lots more.  

You will learn how to read your astrology chart through interpreting houses, signs, modes and elements. It is a fascinating journey which will take you beyond the stars, exploring some of the philosophies behind astrology. 

It is a course that will stay with you and a wonderful opportunity to meet some great like minded people.... just do it and enjoy!

Jean, Roscommon, Ireland.

MY UNIQUE Astrological Makeup

I've been interested in astrology for a while now, but I've always found it quite complex and challenging to comprehend. I've made several attempts to learn more about it, but I never really knew where to begin. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Laura who made it all so easy to understand. She started from the very basics and explained everything in a way that was easy to follow, and her love for astrology was evident in the way she taught.  The workbook that she provided was a game-changer for me. It was simple to fill out and has been a great resource for me to continue learning in between classes. I still find myself using it regularly and always discovering something new. With Laura's guidance, I finally feel like I'm making progress in my understanding of astrology however with astrology the learning never stops.

Learning about my birth chart has been a huge advantage for me. I've been able to change careers to one that works to my strengths, and I now have a new understanding of myself and my relationships with others. It's amazing how much insight can be gained from studying astrology, and I'm so grateful to have had Laura's guidance along the way. Thanks to her, I now feel more confident in navigating life's challenges and making informed decisions that align with my unique astrological makeup.

Emma, Roscommon, Ireland.  

Image by Ludger Philips;https://ludgerphilips.org/

Image by Ludger Philips;https://ludgerphilips.org/

astrology APPlied to Every aspect of my life

I attended Laura’s Astrology teaching workshops in the first half of 2023.

Having been interested is Astrology for 20+ years I was so delighted to discover a workshop and training opportunity that I had been promising myself to study for years was available to me.  I am so glad I attended as I have learned so much already and met a great community of like minded students who have become friends.

Laura’s teaching style is informed, practical (applied the information to my own chart), kind, enthusiastic, relaxed and fun! We have been taught a lot in a short time, although there is so much more to learn in the vast and fascinating world of the stars and the planets. Astrology has now become something I apply to nearly every aspect of my life and everyone I meet or have met.  

I recommend Laura to teach you and show you how truly amazing Astrology is.

Sasha, Leitrim, Ireland.  

Image by Ludger Philips;https://ludgerphilips.org/

astrology made easy 

Laura's class was my fourth attempt to learn astrology and the first time that I did not give up.  I thought astrology was too complicated for me until I met Laura.  

She is an excellent teacher and can break down the complicated concepts into approachable and digestible junks of information.  

Her classes are fun, interesting and comprehensive.  I highly recommend her classes and I am looking forward to more of them. 

Nicole, Germany.